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    asked by DA

    Q: What was the most epic tournament you've attended and why?

    A: My very first The International (TI5) felt like nothing else. We made huge effort to get there with MVP, and seeing all of it with your own eyes, instead of watching from stream back home, it was WAY more than I expected.

    asked by Carebear

    Q: Who is your favourite superhero?

    A: I like all kinds of inventions, so let's go with Ironman.

    asked by Skydancer

    Q: Which coffee do you usually order?

    A: Cappuccino or filter coffee with milk (preferably oat milk)

    asked by Kvikkka

    Q: Do you like your fans? What can you do to improve your communication with them? Can you talk with them on inst?

    A: Fans and community is what makes it possible for teams to compete in tournaments, and play full-time. Fans are the base of everything, and I'm so grateful for every single one of you. I've been lucky and have had the chance to meet some of you guys, and you have never left me without a smile on my face, you are THE BEST! Now in terms of improving communication, I will need help, because I don't know. I found this Q&A section a cool channel to communicate with you guys, but I don't think it's enough. If you have any suggestion regarding this, please write me an email (me@jerax.gg) or if you prefer, send me a private message. (Instagram)

    asked by Zadeth

    Q: What is one change in DOTA that you wish you could revert?

    A: One thing that comes to my mind is the nostalgic picking phase in Dota 1 as you choose your hero from different taverns or the circle in -RD mode. I miss dota 1. :(

    asked by Salisbury

    Q: How did the time in MVP affect you as a player? What did you enjoy in Korea?

    A: It was the biggest culture shock I've experienced in my life. I had heard from other people how they show respect for older people and how hard they work, but seeing it with my own eyes made me realise how those both things showed in every day life. I definitely enjoyed food the most, especially soups. I can't compare it to anything, the food was a new world to me.

    asked by Bonethugs

    Q: Do you have any regrets, because your former team (liquid) is now on top. While ur current team is somewhere down. Do you ever wish dat u could someday go back to liquid to feel that u were once at the top of all pro teams

    A: While we feel down, it's easy to say how things are going so well for someone else, and even be jealous about it, which pushes us to an even deeper hole. During tough times we have to be even stronger and look for the things that bring our strength back. I made my mind back then, and chose to join this team. It was a extremely hard choice. There is no regrets, I never looked back at the decision I made.

    asked by Ilya

    Q: What is your ideal breakfast?

    A: Table full of everything, and every day I could choose whatever I would like. Muesli, omelettes, scrambled eggs, asian breakfast soups, sausages, yogurt, different breads and fillings like avocado, nice cheeses, ham, vegetables! I just love breakfast, there can never be enough stuff for mine, because every day I want something new >:D

    asked by Eu

    Q: What would you like for your birthday?

    A: An escape to my thoughts, taking my brain anywhere else than where it's usually at. But recently my birthdays weren't timed so well for this to happen :p

    asked by Redredred

    Q: Which one goes on top: cheese or ham?

    A: Ham!

    asked by El Patrón

    Q: How do you like Romania? Can’t wait to see you at the Major! Good luck!

    A: In a few days it's gonna be my very first time, so I'm about to find out! I'll update on this after my trip and tell you what I think.

    asked by Narjuniper

    Q: How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

    A: Most days I drink two cups a day, but it's hard to keep it that way, because I really enjoy the moment you have the hot coffee cup in your hands and you take the first sip. :D

    asked by Zadeth

    Q: What hero do you wish was meta that isn't?

    A: Pudge. I've felt this hero was at a balanced state, but sadly it got nerfed as it's a really good pub hero. Playing it competitively is tricky, but it's one of the most satisfying heroes when you have a good game.

    asked by RbD

    Q: What do you do to deal with emotions attached to a dissapointing tournament result such as the one you suffered at ESL ?

    A: I often find myself disappointed in our performance rather than the result, and for me that's easier to find solutions to. I like to think what brought us to this point, what made us underperform/do those mistakes and how could I help my team in those situations. After losses like this, we discuss it together and try to narrow it down for ourselves, so that we all understand the problem and how we can improve that.

    asked by jesvies

    Q: What was your favourite subject in school?

    A: Math for sure!

    asked by Kat

    Q: What do you like to do on long flights?

    A: Lately I've been playing some Nintendo switch, I got Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I watch the movies they have on the flight, write down some of my thoughts on my notebook and simply sleep, if possible.

    asked by A

    Q: What is your stance on pineapple on pizza?

    A: Ayee! As a kid my favorite was ham, pineapple and shrimp pizza. I had it every single time.

    asked by Bends

    Q: Whats the ideal way for you to spend your day off?

    A: As long as I stay away from Dota. It could just be me playing other games, meet my friends for a cup of coffee, spend some extra time cooking at home, anything really, but no Dota!

    asked by Ammar

    Q: What has been your favourite part of your pro career and why?

    A: The fact that I didn't know I would ever make it this far. And also seeing and meeting all the players, that's been great.

    asked by Abigail Sara

    Q: Have you ever been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA? It is very much like Finland, you'd feel at home! What are your favorite places to be in the world?

    A: I haven't been there and now that you mention it, I really want to visit! Last year when I visited Japan, Shirakawa-go was my favorite place there. That place was enchanting. A little village between all the mountains around it covered in forest, seeing the local people grow their vegetables and rice, I've just never experienced that! Another place that I really like is Lapland, that covers most of the Northern part of Finland. Everything there is just untouched, a wilderness. I recommend going there during winter!

    asked by Renz.

    Q: What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

    A: Drink the Finnish tab water, it's incredible.

    asked by austin

    Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

    A: Interstellar. It was a funny coincidence. I happened to be early to see my friends and I had three hours to waste. Went to the movies alone for the first time, and chose Interstellar without knowing anything. All this happened, the very first day of 2015.

    asked by Zadeth

    Q: Where did the nickname JerAx come from?

    A: The first two letters come from my first name. As a young boy, I used to play a lot of SNES and a game called Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I thought the name Cyrax was really cool and stole the "rax" ending. And the capital A was to add flavor!

    asked by Fujitaaaa

    Q: What is your Gaming Setup (at home/in LAN) ?

    A: Check my Instagram picture! :) -> https://www.instagram.com/p/BeaUUJmFSni/?taken-by=iamjerax

    asked by P

    Q: What position did you play in soccer?

    A: Defender for most part, left side to be exact. Reasoning for this was, that I'm right footed, but I didn't mind using my left.